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An Economic Empowerment Development Project for Women
NPC 2016/086309/08

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Who We Are

This project came about with my 50th birthday celebration 26 July 2015 when I requested my guests to bring sanitary towels instead of gifts in the hope that I could supply at least 50 young ladies in Matric 2016 with a year’s supply of sanitary towels, so that they would not have to worry about missing a day of school, for lack of having access to it. However, the seed was planted in 2013, when I read an article about young girls missing school and immediately started a group on Facebook to invite all my friends to “adopt” a girl child in school. I soon discovered, that if one did not drive something oneself, it was not going to go anywhere. As a result of this, the story made it to the newspaper and an awareness was raised that our young learners are missing school. In turn there was an outpour of donations from the public to contribute, and so at the beginning of 2016 I was able to supply 221 young ladies in matric with sanitary towels for a year. The schools I decided to donate the sanitary towels to, were three high schools in Bonteheuwel, Manenberg High and Crystal Secondary School in Hanover Park.

What We Do

The purpose of this project is about giving a girl child/young woman an opportunity to complete school uninterrupted due to being unable to afford sanitary towels. Not only are you helping a girl child not to miss school but you are helping her to feel confident and giving her a chance at a brighter future. This project is not aligned to any political party and is here for the benefit of all our young ladies wishing to complete school. Sanitary Towels should be free for all learners - PERIOD.

  • Collection of sanitary wear
  • Distribution of wears
  • Purchase of sanitary with donations received
  • Equality for all

What's On

The Period Project South Africa
NPC 2016/086309/08
to help keep 1 500 young women in Matric 2018 in school by running on it's behalf in

What We've Done

Here are some pictures of what we've managed to do thus far.


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